I am the I (feat. Sevenn)

I've been working day and night for almost a year on my upcoming 4th studio album. Barely seen any sunlight, friends or anything else that may remind me to a normal daily life. Not accepting gigs to spend even more time in the studio. It is maybe the most personal piece of music I have ever produced, not caring too much about what the market demands, neither producing music to gain followers. Trying to detach myself from all that, to find true inspiration. The journey has just begun ... 

Prior to my album release in October, there will be 2 tracks unveiled beforehand to give you a tiny taste of how the album may be like. The 1st Single is called "I AM THE I" featuring the incredible voice of Kevin Brauer aka Sevenn. The Brauers are old childhood friends of my beloved wife, that's how we got in touch and how I had the privilige to work with such a crazily talented singer like Kevin. After some long and exciting recording sessions, sleepless nights for arround 8 weeks of producing, this is the result. 

Release date: 25.08.2017 on Spin Twist Records 🔊

I really hope you'll enjoy this tune as much as I do.

Deniz AydinComment