The Studio

studio 2018.jpg

Current Setup:

Monitors: ATC SCM45A, ATC SCM0.1/12SL, K&H O100

Computing: Apple Mac Pro 2013, UAD-2 Octo

Controllers: Kawai MP11, Arturia Keystep

Synths: Minimoog Voyager RME, Clavia Nord Rack 3, DSI Tetra, DSI Prophet 6, Moog Sub37, Access Virus TI, Oberheim SEM Pro, Dinsync Re-303

Eurorack: Rack I on ModularGrid, Rack II on ModularGrid

Outboard FX: Electrodyne 2511 EQ, Thermionic Culture Vulture (Tube distortion), Custom Audio SL 4000 G (Bus comp), Custom Audio LN 1273 D (Vox channel strip)

Converters: RME Fireface 802, Mytek 8x192

Even though being busy with my own projects, I do offer mixing & mastering sessions for external productions from time to time. Just drop me a line in the contact page to check availability.